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CPAINT :: Cross-Platform Asynchronous INterface Toolkit

Frontend: cpaint.set_debug()

cpaint Method Summary

void set_debug()
void set_proxy_url()
void set_transfer_mode()
void set_async()
void set_response_type()
void set_persistent_connection()
void set_use_cpaint_api()
void set_auth_user()
void set_auth_pass()
void call()

cpaint Property Summary

boolean capable

void set_debug ( mixed debuglevel )

Defines the debug level.




» mixed debuglevelthe debug level

Return Value

» void

API Tags

» Access: public

Default Value

» -1


While developing an application powered by CPAINT it is sometimes useful to have a deeper look into the inner workings of the application. By setting the debug level of CPAINT you can see what data is being send back and forth between frontend and backend.

The following debug levels are supported:

For backward-compatibility boolean values are accepted as well: