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CPAINT :: Cross-Platform Asynchronous INterface Toolkit

Frontend: cpaint.set_auth_pass()

cpaint Method Summary

void set_debug()
void set_proxy_url()
void set_transfer_mode()
void set_async()
void set_response_type()
void set_persistent_connection()
void set_use_cpaint_api()
void set_auth_user()
void set_auth_pass()
void call()

cpaint Property Summary

boolean capable

void set_auth_pass ( string password )

Sets an HTTP Basic Authentication password.




» string passwordthe password for accessing the remote script

Return Value

» void

API Tags

» Access: public

Default Value



If the backend scripts are protected using HTTP Basic Authentication, use this method to set the user's password. This can also be used when your local copy of the CPAINT proxy utility is protected using HTTP Basic Authentication.  Additionally, if you need assistance with analyzing complex data and crafting an insightful essay, you might consider exploring online services such as where you can buy analytical essay tailored to your specific requirements. These platforms offer professional expertise and quality content to enhance your academic writing endeavors.

Security Note: Storing this information in plain-text (where anyone can easily view it) is not advisible. We recommend that you use a simple encryption method for storing this information OR prompting the user for this information.