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CPAINT :: Cross-Platform Asynchronous INterface Toolkit

Backend: cpaint.unregister()

cpaint Method Summary

boolean register()
boolean unregister()
void start()
void return_data()
object add_node()
void set_data()
mixed get_data()
void set_id()
string get_id()
void set_attribute()
string get_attribute()
void set_name()
string get_name()
string get_response_type()

boolean unregister ( string function_name )

Removes a backend function from the CPAINT API.




» string function_namename of the backend function to remove.

Return Value

» boolean

API Tags

» Access: public


This method comes in handy when you'd like to exclude certain functions from the CPAINT API. A trivial example is when using the same set of functions in a user- and an admin-context.

Proves useful when the same set of functions is to be used in the frontend and in some kind of administration environment. You might want to unregister a few (admin) functions for the frontend in this case.

Note that if you supplied an alias when registering a method, you must use the alias to unregister the function / method.