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CPAINT :: Cross-Platform Asynchronous INterface Toolkit

Backend: cpaint.start()

cpaint Method Summary

boolean register()
boolean unregister()
void start()
void return_data()
object add_node()
void set_data()
mixed get_data()
void set_id()
string get_id()
void set_attribute()
string get_attribute()
void set_name()
string get_name()
string get_response_type()

void start ( string input_encoding )

Calls the user function responsible for this specific call.




» string input_encodinginput data character encoding, default is UTF-8

Return Value

» void

API Tags

» Access: public


This method starts the processing of the frontend request on the backend and must be called by your application after a CPAINT object has been instanciated and your application has been completely set up.

It reads the request parameters from the CPAINT frontend as configured in and looks whether your application provides the requested method. If that's the case, that method will be called with the parameters provided by the CPAINT frontend.

The start method of the backend API of CPAINT takes a single optional parameter to define the character set of all input data. If you omit the parameter, UTF-8 is assumed to be the character set.

Make sure you provide the correct character set if you're using non-UTF-8 data, such as ISO-8859-X, a Windows codepage (e.g. CP1252) or EUC-JP. Otherwise the correct display of characters on the frontend can not be guaranteed.