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CPAINT :: Cross-Platform Asynchronous INterface Toolkit

Developer's Guide

This guide is in a learn-by-example format, since we figured that was the easiest, fastest way to explain development using CPAINT. For more detailed information, see the API documentation following this section. We also invite you to read through the source code and run the examples provided in the CPAINT distribution, which range from basic to advanced scenarios.

Get Adobe ReaderAdditional to this rather extensive documentation we provide a CPAINT cheatpage pdf CPAINT cheatpage in .pdf format. Simply print it out - it fits on a single page of paper - and put it on your desk while you're working with CPAINT as quick reference.
Requires Adobe Reader.

The Development Guide Consists of the Following Sections

  » introduction
  » integrating CPAINT
  » implementation differences
  » generating XML
  » complex return-data
  » arbitrary character encodings

  » introduction
  » integrating CPAINT
  » working with CPAINT
  » using the proxy
  » non-CPAINT data-sources