May 27, 2006

Dear CPAINT Users,

Recently our forums have been under constant attack from spammers.  Currently,
I am the only developer that can spend any time on the project, and all of that
time is being used to keep the forums clean (as soon as I clean them up, it
comes right back the next day).  The spammers are coming from different IP
addresses and post different messages.  

Unfortunately, I have to concede at the moment to the scum that is doing
this.  As much as I hate to do it, I have to close the forums until I can
figure out how to prevent this in the future.  Perhaps it's just a matter of
changing forum software - I'm not real sure right now.  Please bear with me
as I try to figure out what's going on.

As far as questions you might have about the project, please read the 
documentation carefully and if you are experiencing problems, please inspect
your PHP & Javascript code carefully.  There might be typos in the 
documentation examples, but the example code DOES run and please read it
carefully.  Most of the questions we are asked can be resolved by looking at
the example code, documentation, or a quick Google search on Javascript or PHP.

Again, I apologize that I have to shutdown the forums and I hope to have a
resolution soon.  Feel free to email me your suggestions to wiley14|at|gmail|dot|com.  

Paul Sullivan
Project Founder