This script tests the usage of a persistent connection in CPAINT2.

On the click of the button the JavaScript within this script will start to iteratively call cpaint for a total of twenty times. Between the first and the second call 10 miliseconds will be waited. The time between succeeding calls is doubled every time.

In the end you should see the numbers 20 down to 1 on the screen. If that's the case it means that CPAINT did successfully perform 20 requests with a single connection. If however some numbers are missing this means that the request before the number missing did not finish in time.

CPAINT takes care of this issue my dropping the following requests until the last one has finished. Remember that this dropping of requests is only an issue if you're using a persistent connection, which is not the default. CPAINT is perfectly capable of handling concurrent connections, see the concurrency test for that.

miliseconds delay